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Ah, Tim McClusky, one of the waiters at the Capsaicin Lounge. I used him for a few storylines early on, and then never again - I believe strip #117 was his last appearance. Well, he's on the cast page, I might as well throw him in here.

I actually had an idea, a while back, that he was going to pester Jamie for Max's phone number - you will recall she'd offered to gargle his manchowder while she was drunk. I would have had Jamie start writing it down, but then stop on the last digit because Tim would start spouting casually sexist stuff about what he was planning to do to her.

The problem is, I found I couldn't write any decent misogynist or slut-shamy or bro-ish dialogue - at least, nothing overt enough to get Jamie upset that would still be somewhat realistic. Slut-shaming and such just isn't in me, I guess.

So yeah, I dropped that storyline idea, and I'm glad I did. It was simplistic and didn't go anywhere or say anything particularly unique or nuanced. And hey, I didn't want a one-dimensional bad guy character - at least not one that's sticking around. Tim's not a bad guy. He's just a waiter. He waits.

Looks like he's still waiting.


Good news! I finally got The Paladin's Guide to Life available on Amazon! It's also available on your Kindle, or, if you're already a Patreon patron, you can get the pdf at no additional cost! Of course, I do hope you guys get the physical version - The Paladin's Guide to Life is a daily affirmations coffee table kinda book, it makes a great gift, and I happen to think it looks fantastic. (Also, once I get a significant number of sales, I'm going to start in on book 2 in the series - The Rogue's Guide to Life.)

(Thursday afternoon, INT: Capsaicin Lounge, kitchen)

TM: Hey, do you know where Hallig-
ChA: No, I don't fucking know where Halligan is. We are not, in fact, joined at the hip. He called in sick, I presume he is at home, wherever the hell that is, sick.
TM: Oh. Y'know, I always thought the two of you were-
ChA: We're not. Never have been. Persons of opposing genitalia can be platonic acquaintances. That is a thing.
TM: Well, hey, in that case, do you wanna-
ChA: Helllll no.
TM: Mm. Didn't realize I warranted a "hell", there.
ChA: I don't date people I work with.
TM: That's your rule, is it?
-------------- ChA: That, or I just find you annoying and intensely unattractive. Which would you prefer to believe?
TM: You don't date coworkers. Got it. Good policy.

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