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This is how you be smooth, right?

(Tuesday morning, INT: Funky Harvest)

BK: Here you go, one Goji Whirlwind with Energy Rush. That'll be six-fifty.
JH (handing over money): Keep the change.
BK: Generous tip.
JH: Yeah, it is. What can you tell me about PCP?
BK: Drugs are wack, stay in school.
JH: I'm not looking to... to score or anything.
BK: Good, 'cause I wouldn't help you. Angel dust is a garbage drug.
JH: I'm just... looking for information. About the market. The black market. The black drug market.
BK: Well, if there was a "market", anyone with PCP stock would be yelling "Sell! Sell!". There was a local kid in the news recently, took a bunch of PCP and cut his own head off.
JH: I may have heard something about that, yeah.
BK: It brought down PCP's popularity as a party drug just a tad . And phencyclidine isn't addictive - not chemically addictive, anyway - so you don't really get that dedicated customer base of junkies. Anyone in the PCP business right now is likely in a very bad mood indeed.
JH: Oh. Oh good.

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