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I kinda wanted to show Ellen in one of Jamie's shirts - that's kinda traditional, in this sort of story - but she actually has broader shoulders than he does, so it wouldn't have the appropriately baggy appearance.


Good news! I finally got The Paladin's Guide to Life available on Amazon! It's also available on your Kindle, or, if you're already a Patreon patron, you can get the pdf at no additional cost! Of course, I do hope you guys get the physical version - The Paladin's Guide to Life is a daily affirmations coffee table kinda book, it makes a great gift, and I happen to think it looks fantastic. (Also, once I get a significant number of sales, I'm going to start in on book 2 in the series - The Rogue's Guide to Life.)

(Thursday morning, INT, Overdrive Computers, back room)

LH (reacting to GU): What the fuck.
LH (listening to her voicemail): What the fuck?
(EXT: GU's car)

LH (being driven by GU): What the fuck?!?
(INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

EB: Hey Lily.

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