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I choose to believe that this is how insurance works.


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(Saturday morning, EXT: EB's car, heavy rain)

EB (on phone): No, Dad, we're okay, Jamie's trying to get us a tow truck right now. We're likely going to miss the ceremony, but we can probably still catch the tail end of the reception.
JH (on phone): G-A-N, yeah, that's the one. I believe my plan includes roadside assistance, and... that's what I need. There is a road, I'm beside it, I would like to be assisted.
EB: What, the ceremony's cancelled? Why?
JH: No, I'm not in that car. That car is a cube.
EB: The whole roof? Wow, yeah, that's... that's a good reason.
JH: No, not a Nissan Cube. A cube-cube.
EB: Well, I hope you can get your money back on the venue and stuff.
JH: I do not have a car currently. I am paying towards your deluxe policy, and effectively the only benefit I could get from it is this roadside assistance. It shouldn't matter what car I'm in.
EB: Wait, event insurance? That's a thing? You're getting how much money?
JH: I never claimed it made sense! I'm not the one who said it made sense! Hang on.
JH (covering phone): Hey, Ellen, do I have your permission to insure this vehicle?
EB (covering phone): Apparently you can insure anything you put your mind to.

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