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I make a point of not altering any wiki-type articles about myself or my own work, but I still check things like the Leftover Soup TV Tropes page occasionally, though I don't always agree 100% with the categorization of certain elements. For example, they categorize Ellen and Max making out and the subsequent scene of them in the shower together as "fan service", and I don't really agree with that. At least, that's not why I wrote those scenes.

But hey, I'm not going to argue with a crowd and I really don't have an issue with the idea of "fan service" - what is entertainment for, if not to service fans? - so here you go: have some fan service.

Which is to say, here is your first glimpse of Nicole's husband John Penn, a man who has been frequently referenced but never before shown in the strip proper. I know you were all curious.

(Friday afternoon, INT: NP and JP's townhouse, front door)

EB: Whoa, didn't even have to knock. Hey, John.
JP: Hi, Ellen. Saw your car pulling up. You're here to get Nicole for the bridesmaid makeover thing, right?
EB: Yeah, I gotta get my girl on. Nicole ready to go?
JP: I'll ask.
(NP and JP's townhouse, living room)

JP: Hey, Nicole?
NP (naked): YOU MAY CALL ME EMPRESS CUM DWHOA HEY Hi Ellen what's up?
EB: Am I... interrupting something?
NP (cringing in place to cover herself while also looking casual): Oh no, no, we, we, we're... just... chilling.

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