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The change from a twenty only gets you so much.

(Tuesday morning, INT: Funky Harvest)

BK: Even garden-variety weed is getting more and more artificial and genetically engineered. One of these days, Monsanto's just gonna-
JH (interrupting): So a typical under-the-sink enthusiast's club... large operation? Lot of guys?
BK: Nah, that was something Breaking Bad got right. Two to six people, I'd say, if we're talking local.
JH: And they'd be armed? As a rule?
BK: To the teeth.
JH: Would they all bunk together in the same place where they do business?
BK: Now you're getting specific. Like, weirdly specific. I don't think I'm going to be able to give you any more help with whatever it is you're doing, which I don't want to know about.
JH: Okay. Can I get a chipotle turkey panini, then?
BK: I can't help you with that either.
JH: Why not?
BK: Out of turkey. Chicken okay?

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