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Polymono is a game that relies on communication and co-operative planning. I probably could have made a version where players have to keep their cards secret and aren't allowed to discuss plans with each other, but it's just not my style.

(Tues afternoon, INT: EB and JH's place, EB, JH and MH are all at the table)

EB: Okay, my turn... I'm gonna convert an X and a hash-mark into three purple dollar-signs. Can't do anything with these yellow lightning bolts.
JH: Ooh, I need dollars and lightnings. Trade to me for candies.
EB: I don't need candies.
JH: You don't, but Max does. Remember, trades go in order around the table, so once you've got the candies from me, you can turn around and trade them to Max for her hash-marks. That way, when my turn comes around, I can get her this spiral and she can make five dollar signs.
EB: Wait, no, don't make dollar signs, we don't need more dollar signs, we only need one each to win the game, right?
JH: We don't need dollars now, but I'm about to mulch all those you're giving me into crystal crescents.
MH: Jamie's right, if I can turn missionaries into sixty-nines, I can get the sixty-nines to him to turn into reverse cowgirls.
EB: Max, if I promise to talk for five minutes about sex and how great it is once we're done, could you please use reasonable descriptive English for the duration of this game?

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