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Heyyyy, remember that "virgin killer" sweater meme from like a year ago? Anyone? Anyone at all?

It always bugged me that it was called the "virgin killer" and not the "virginity killer". I mean, neither is a really great title for a variety of reasons (better than an undershirt being called a "wifebeater", I suppose), but... I mean, the point of the exercise is not to actually end a virgin's life, right?

For that matter, who is the virgin this sweater is meant to facilitate deflowering? Is it the person who wears it, an innocent ingenue who is unwittingly enticing their lover to pounce upon their exposed back, or is it the presumably virginal viewer, compelled by the garment to pounce? I suppose it depends on who's wearing the sweater and how they're wearing it. Certainly, the sweater itself does not murder virgins, any more than the wifebeater beats wives.

....okay, I would watch that horror movie.

Anyway, dumb memes aside, Gina and Max are friends. They have differing life philosophies vis--vis intercourse, and they tease each other as friends do. Whether or not Gina keeps this sweater and uses it for its intended purpose at a later date remains to be seen.


Update: Yes, I am working on the new comic. I've bought the domain name, and I'm making a backlog archive of strips for it as we speak. It's quite different from Leftover Soup, but I do think you're going to enjoy it. While you're waiting, might I suggest listening to the podcast I do with my brother, Hey I've Got An Idea?

[INT: Max's apartment. MH is holding a clotheshanger and looking theatrically annoyed. GU is wearing a "virgin killer" sweater over a t-shirt and jeans, and sticking out her tongue at MH. We see the back of the t-shirt says "True Love Waits".]

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