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I think they're cute together. I wouldn't call it a May-December romance... perhaps closer to a June-October. Thirty and fifty aren't so far apart, are they?

I've always written Gina as sort of fresh-faced and innocent, and I think there's a lot that Roscoe could teach her. Conversely, Roscoe had pretty much given up on his life, and I think Gina revitalizes him.

Also, Roscoe likes tall women, so there's that.


Update: Yes, I am working on the new comic. I've bought the domain name, and I'm making a backlog archive of strips for it as we speak. It's quite different from Leftover Soup, but I do think you're going to enjoy it. While you're waiting, might I suggest listening to the podcast I do with my brother, Hey I've Got An Idea?

[INT: GU's kitchen. RoK and GU are baking something, RoK has a little bit of batter on his nose, GU has batter on her fingertip. They are clearly being playful together.]

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