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Marriage is a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, marriage is also a legal institution, and that is very often bullshit, but marriage, in and of itself, can be a beautiful thing.

One of the beautiful things about marriage is that you can have whatever sort of marriage you want. You can exchange rings. You can get matching tattoos. You can write whatever vows you want. You can stomp on glassware. You can do it in a church, or in a community center, or on the beach. I got married in my Mom's basement (it flooded shortly thereafter, which, as omens go, was pretty clear, but we have chosen to ignore it).

So yes, it's safe to say that Carol and Trent's vows don't include anything about monogamy. They also don't contain any bits about ownership or entitlement or obeying, regardless of tradition. Mr. and Mrs. Howard just love each other, and that's a beautiful thing.

The honeymoon video they recorded using Max's new tripod shortly after this event was also beautiful in its own way.

Cheryl claiming to be the subject of that video once it leaked (despite the clearly visible pinkie stump) so that Carol could keep her job was also a beautiful act, in its own way.


Update: Yes, I am working on the new comic. I've bought the domain name, and I'm making a backlog archive of strips for it as we speak. It's quite different from Leftover Soup, but I do think you're going to enjoy it. While you're waiting, might I suggest listening to the podcast I do with my brother, Hey I've Got An Idea?

[EXT: Wedding venue. TH and CA are gazing lovingly into each other's eyes as TH recites his vows. TH's father is officiating. MH and ChA are bridesmaids, WW and SW are groomsmen. Everything is beautiful.]

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