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I'm just gonna go ahead and link the DAR comic we're all thinking of.

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room)

EB: Well, now, hang on. Florenovian medical technology is highly advanced. There's no aging, we can regrow limbs in petri dishes. You can't tell me they can't make a dick out of stem cells.
LH: Yes, they can technically make working penises out of double-X-chromosomed skin and muscle tissues. The physicality isn't the issue. Your characters can't want to be male.
MH: I'm sorry, you're telling me what I can and cannot want now?
LH: It's a matter of neural architecture. You are not, mentally, male. You could graft a penis onto your groin, yes, but it'd be like grafting dragon wings onto your back.
MH: i.e. totally awesome?
LH: i.e. unnatural, foreign, wrong-feeling. You couldn't enjoy it.
MH: I'm sorry, have you met me?
LH: Yes! And if you woke up tomorrow with a penis, you would freak out, would you not?
MH: After I finished masturbating with it, you mean?
LH: Yes. After that.
MH: And after I finish sticking it into every-
LH: After that.
MH: So... after a year or so I'd start freaking out. Sure, whatever.

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