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To be fair, Jamie doesn't get a whole lot of good news.

(Friday afternoon, INT: SW and WW's apartment)

WW: Anyway.
JH: Anyway!
WW: As I said, today is a good news day.
JH: You have my attention.
WW: Let me put it this way - if you do feel the need to pay me back a half grand for my suit - or to buy an equivalent suit for yourself, which you really should do - you would now be able to do so using our Castaway Kickstarter profits.
JH: Is that in total, or just my half?
WW: Just your half.
JH: It's been up less than a week!
WW: Indeed. We got featured on an indie boardgame blog thing. We have over four hundred preorders!
-------------- JH: Ohh Jesus, that's gonna be so much work.
WW: Are you new to the whole phenomenon of "good news", is that the problem here?

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