Hey, did you know I take commissions?

Well, I do. And it doesn't have to be Leftover Soup characters, or even humans - I'll draw pretty much anything. I'm affordable, too!

Here's some non-Leftover-Soup-related stuff I've done in the past year or so, just so you can see my range (click for full view):

Commission!  Commission!  Commission!  Commission!  Commission!

So how affordable am I? Well, how about this:

One human(oid) character, full colour: $10 USD
Each additional character in the same image: +$5 USD
Minor accessories (hat, gun, staff, etc): no additional cost!
More complex accessories (bicycle, specific model of gun, etc): +$5 USD
Tougher stuff (car, giant mech, etc): +$10 USD
Simple background (bedroom, beach, road): +$10 USD
Complex background (forest, city, cluttered garage): +$15 USD

For comics, I count each panel as a separate image, but only the first character in the first panel is $10.

Also, once we've agreed on the image, I ask you one (and only one) Leftover Soup Trivia Question. You have the choice of Ludicrously Easy or Ludicrously Hard. If you get an Easy question right, I knock a dollar off the price. If you get a Hard question right, I cut the price in half!

All prices are subject to negotiation, and although I'm comfortable drawing unusual or adult material, I reserve the right to reject any request. Email me at tailsteak[at]hotmail[dot]com!

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