DJ Rubber Ducky!

[Saturday evening, INT: dressing room, The Chapel at Silverleaf]

CA (in a bridal gown): You look great!
ChA (in a bridesmaid's dress): I look fake.
CA: I don't have time to argue properly, so I'll just say thanks for doing this for me.
ChA: *sigh* I _want_ to do this for you. You're my sister and I love you, and I want to support you even if I don't quite get this whole polyamory thing.
CA: But...
ChA: Well, in addition to being seriously uncomfortable, I feel like I'm being _less_ sincere about it, by dressing up like something I'm not.
CA: Maybe you can think about it like an undercover job, to make sure nobody causes trouble?
ChA: Well, if that's the goal, shouldn't I at least be carrying a nightstick instead of a bouquet?
CA: Funny, apparently you're the second one who's made that request today...
[INT: a different dressing room, The Chapel at Silverleaf]

MH (in a bridal gown that matches CA's): You look great!
EB (in a bridesmaid's dress that matches ChA's): I look fake.

For the 2014 year-end contest, there were multiple options to enter - you could either write "continuation" fanfic (i.e., something that happened immediately after something that occurred in the strip) or you could do something with Carol and Cheryl, something to highlight their yin-yanginess. Dj Rubber Ducky opted to do both!