Megasmix-7 --------------

[Evening. Lily is in her car, driving through a seedy part of town. She looks distraught. Her teeth are clenched, as are her hands on the wheel.]

Lily (thought): Grrr. The nerve-- dismissing my creation like that! Got me so pissed, i could just scream!


[She parks on the street beside a seedy motel. The sign says THE PIT STOP: WEEKLY/DAILY/HOURLY.]

Lily (thought): Some friends they are! Well forget them, time for some stress relief.


There's an alley beside the hotel. In the alley a man (Lorenzo) is leaning against a wall. He's wearing skintight jeans and an unbuttoned vest. His arms and chest are tattooed with abstract designs.]


[Lily gets out of her car. She's wearing a skirt. Lorenzo comes out of the alley, smiling. Lily looks guarded.]

Lorenzo: Hey, cutie. Looking for some diversion?

Lily: Maybe. What would i have to do for it?

Lorenzo: Just show some gratitude. Say 120 thank yous.


Lily (frowns): Let's say 75 thanks. Assuming i'm actually diverted.

Lorenzo (spreads fingers in conciliatory gesture): Ah, that would hurt my feelings, coming from anyone else. But from you, elegant lady, how can i refuse?

Lily: Enough talk, let's go.

Lorenzo: You'll have to cover the room, though.


[Inside the motel room.]

Lorenzo: They call me Lorenzo, what's--

Lily: I'll call you Megasmix-7. You don't need to call me anything. Strip, i've already got a condom in.


[Lorenzo is naked, Lily has kicked off her shoes and pulled her skirt up to her thighs. She's holding up a steel face mask. It has stylized features, and is open only at the nostrils.]

Lily: put this on.

Lorenzo: Of course.


[Lorenzo is lying flat on his back on the bed, wearing the mask. Lily climbs on top and sits down hard.]

Lorenzo through the mask): *oof* Gif me a zec to ged hard!

Lily: I don't need you hard, i just need you here!


[Lily is holding Lorenzo's shoulders and grinding away.]

Lily: Megasmix-7, Turbo Mode!

Lorenzo: Whad?

Lily: Faster!

Bed: *creak!* *creak!*

[Lorenzo is gripping Lily's arms. They are definitely going a lot faster.]

Lily: Megasmix-7, Jackhammer Mode!

Lorenzo: Whad?

Lily: Bounce! Up and down!

Bed: *creak!*creak!*creak!*creak!*creak!*creak!*

[Lorenzo has his knees up. They are bouncing. One of the bed's legs is off the ground.]

Bed: *creak!*creak!*thump!*creak!*creak!*thump!*creak!*creak!*thump!*

Lily: Uhn! Uhn!


[Lily's face is contorted. Her eyes are rolled up and saliva is flying from her mouth.]

Lily: Uhn! Florenovia rules! Ru-u-u-les!

Bed: *creak!*creak!*thump!*creak!*creak!*thunk!*creak!*creak!*crash!*


[The bed is tilted on its side. Lily, Lorenzo, and the mattress have slid off. The mask has fallen off. Lorenzo's face is beet red.]

Lily: Megasmix-7, Off!

Lorenzo: But i'm underneath?


[Lily is standing, pulling down her skirt. A female condom and a damp towel are lying on the matress. Lorenzo is seated on the mattress. He holds out the mask.]

Lorenzo: Here.

Lily: No, it's yours.


[The door closes. Lily is gone. There's a wad of bills on the nightstand. Lorenzo is standing up, holding the mask and looking as if he's about to cry. He looks down at his penis.]

Lorenzo: It's ok, little buddy. We'll be ok.



I ran a fanart/fanfic contest at the end of 2014, and this submission was from forum user drpepper.