Max left the doctor’s office / and / Lucy stood with her sign.
Why stand on the sidewalk / with / pictures of the unborn dead?
Who would not be disgusted / with / perception of blood and gore?
Which choice would Max make / and / perhaps understand what it meant?
Max decided to question why / with / lines she had long saved.

Turning, Max approached with frown / towards / Lucy’s sweet smile and sign.
“How can you stand there / and / speak against happenings not here?
Horrible images displayed to all / for / shock and awe purely emotional.
Humans only, no God stuff / because / she’s there and we are here.”
The question was finally asked / so / Lucy nodded, listening then responding.

She smiled, knowing her response / and / wondering what would happen here.
“Let’s start last question first / for / that is the most enlightening.
Long have I truly believed / that / there is no God.
Listen to my words then / and / find only you and me.
So then what say I / against / what many have said before?”

“We agree on the why / yet / remain here very far apart.
Life is a cherished thing / everywhere / the spark is valued high.
Love of my own life / and / even I must love others.
Listen I to speechless ones / to / explain where they may not.
What a work is a man! / His / reason makes him above all.”

“Go back to the before / when / you started down life’s road.
Somewhere the road did begin / and / there we all did start.
So we question the wise / and / thought through what we heard.
Sperm and egg come together / and / together something new is made.
Gathered from father and mother / yet / young one is not either.”

“Cherished are all human lives / and / this is a human life.
Residing within a human’s body / is / another separate distinct human body.
Required then is a consideration / when / a conflict so perilous arises.
Remember here there are two / and / all must have their due.
Consider then sights we see / and / the judgment render to yourself.”

“Should a human being die / for / less than life being required?
Single motherhood is truly terrifying / and / its specter looms over many.
She is not ready yet / and / is unprepared in many ways.
Significant others can resist addition / and / inevitable challenges will always arise.
So is life being required / and / loss of one is life?”

“No they respond with passion / and / their voice must be heard.
A child that is unwanted / and / will not be cared for right.
All newborns can be given / to / where care can be found.
A resolution to the problems / and / without a life’s forever loss.
Now for the first question / and / the answer first sought here.”

“A sign of gory death / and / its blatant shock and awe.
Easy to not see it / and / not consider the final outcome.
Easily twelve weeks almost all / and / nine weeks is the majority.
Enquire here asking the age / and / now a question is answered.
A child of nine weeks / and / its life is now over.”

“My sign is a reminder / of / the core truth I argue.
Human life is always valuable / and / must be given its consideration.
How human life is inside / although / many do not feel it.
Here I stand to remind / all / mothers who pass this place.
My child is truly alive / and / they are like my own.”

Max had been thinking hard / and / learning from all being said.
First life is not binary / nor / those questions just that simple.
Furthermore quality should be considered / and / their kind of life after.
Finally cultures are not identical / and / lists of rules all differ.
Many thoughts to consider here / but / listening to her doctor’s words.

She had learned thing here / and / would think on those thoughts.
One question though remained unanswered / and / shall not remain that way.
“On what reason come you?” / Thus / she plainly inquired of her.
“Only to protest deaths there / only / short walk across the lot.”
Small giggle escaped Max’s lips / and / was polite “Not my doctor.”

“Your doctor?” A similar laugh / and / smile “No, he neighbors one.”
With questions answered at last / and / much to think about tonight.
Witty Max thanked Lucy’s group / and / marched to her beloved car.
Warming it up to drive / and / move on down the road.
You still are fetus huggers / and / so annoying even having understood.

For the 2014 year-end contest, one of the options was to take an existing strip and write fanfic to cover what happened immediately after that. Forum user soban took strip #506 in an interesting direction...