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Postby Tailsteak » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:58 pm

Ahoy, Soupheads! Welcome to the third annual Leftover Soup contest! Rather than send out copies of my book or give people a cameo, this year, I have decided to hand out commission credits! Third place gets $10 worth of commission credit from me (enough for a single character picture, with my current rates), second place gets $20 worth, and first place gets forty dollars worth of commission credit! Keep it for yourself or divvy it out to friends - commission credit makes a great belated Christmas present!

There are three ways to enter!

1) Art of Carol and Cheryl.

Submit a picture of the twins together, ideally in a yin-yangy sort of way that highlights their similarities and differences. Any visual medium qualifies!

2) Continuation fanfic

Take any storyline in the comic, write a prose version of it - either third person perspective or first person from one of the characters present - and continue onward after I chose to pull narrative focus away. What happened after Eric met that girl in the frozen yogurt joint? What did Jamie and Wallace talk about after they kissed? Did Max confront the pro-life protesters?

3) Animation.

Any and all animation of a character or characters from the comic. Animated gif, flash video, one of those emofuri things... if it's moving, it counts! They can be doing anything - walking, talking, dancing around... even a simple turnaround of a character fits the bill!

Post any and all submissions to this thread. Adult works (in all three categories) are admissible, but please link or label them so that people don't stumble into them by accident. You may submit multiple entries, so send'em in early and often! Deadline, as always, is the new year - you have one month!
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Re: End of 2014 CONTEST!

Postby Fake robot » Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:12 am

Oh man, the 2014 contest is over already?
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Re: End of 2014 CONTEST!

Postby Deepbluediver » Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:19 am

Fake robot wrote:Oh man, the 2014 contest is over already?

What, no. This is "the end of 2014" contest, not the end of "the 2014 contest".
Do you get it now? :?:
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Re: End of 2014 CONTEST!

Postby soban » Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:18 am

I’d be willing to bet this is the weirdest submission that you are going to get. I hope you enjoy it.

Max left the doctor’s office / and / Lucy stood with her sign.
Why stand on the sidewalk / with / pictures of the unborn dead?
Who would not be disgusted / with / perception of blood and gore?
Which choice would Max make / and / perhaps understand what it meant?
Max decided to question why / with / lines she had long saved.

Turning, Max approached with frown / towards / Lucy’s sweet smile and sign.
“How can you stand there / and / speak against happenings not here?
Horrible images displayed to all / for / shock and awe purely emotional.
Humans only, no God stuff / because / she’s there and we are here.”
The question was finally asked / so / Lucy nodded, listening then responding.

She smiled, knowing her response / and / wondering what would happen here.
“Let’s start last question first / for / that is the most enlightening.
Long have I truly believed / that / there is no God.
Listen to my words then / and / find only you and me.
So then what say I / against / what many have said before?”

“We agree on the why / yet / remain here very far apart.
Life is a cherished thing / everywhere / the spark is valued high.
Love of my own life / and / even I must love others.
Listen I to speechless ones / to / explain where they may not.
What a work is a man! / His / reason makes him above all.”

“Go back to the before / when / you started down life’s road.
Somewhere the road did begin / and / there we all did start.
So we question the wise / and / thought through what we heard.
Sperm and egg come together / and / together something new is made.
Gathered from father and mother / yet / young one is not either.”

“Cherished are all human lives / and / this is a human life.
Residing within a human’s body / is / another separate distinct human body.
Required then is a consideration / when / a conflict so perilous arises.
Remember here there are two / and / all must have their due.
Consider then sights we see / and / the judgment render to yourself.”

“Should a human being die / for / less than life being required?
Single motherhood is truly terrifying / and / its specter looms over many.
She is not ready yet / and / is unprepared in many ways.
Significant others can resist addition / and / inevitable challenges will always arise.
So is life being required / and / loss of one is life?”

“No they respond with passion / and / their voice must be heard.
A child that is unwanted / and / will not be cared for right.
All newborns can be given / to / where care can be found.
A resolution to the problems / and / without a life’s forever loss.
Now for the first question / and / the answer first sought here.”

“A sign of gory death / and / its blatant shock and awe.
Easy to not see it / and / not consider the final outcome.
Easily twelve weeks almost all / and / nine weeks is the majority.
Enquire here asking the age / and / now a question is answered.
A child of nine weeks / and / its life is now over.”

“My sign is a reminder / of / the core truth I argue.
Human life is always valuable / and / must be given its consideration.
How human life is inside / although / many do not feel it.
Here I stand to remind / all / mothers who pass this place.
My child is truly alive / and / they are like my own.”

Max had been thinking hard / and / learning from all being said.
First life is not binary / nor / those questions just that simple.
Furthermore quality should be considered / and / their kind of life after.
Finally cultures are not identical / and / lists of rules all differ.
Many thoughts to consider here / but / listening to her doctor’s words.

She had learned thing here / and / would think on those thoughts.
One question though remained unanswered / and / shall not remain that way.
“On what reason come you?” / Thus / she plainly inquired of her.
“Only to protest deaths there / only / short walk across the lot.”
Small giggle escaped Max’s lips / and / was polite “Not my doctor.”

“Your doctor?” A similar laugh / and / smile “No, he neighbors one.”
With questions answered at last / and / much to think about tonight.
Witty Max thanked Lucy’s group / and / marched to her beloved car.
Warming it up to drive / and / move on down the road.
You still are fetus huggers / and / so annoying even having understood.

I wrote this mainly to try out a format. I’m not sure how well it worked. I hope you enjoy, I tried to leave a lot of things unanswered and give the view I don’t share the last words so that it was not quite as one sided. I probably failed, but ah well. Constructive feedback appreciated, but please focus on the writing, not the argument if that makes sense. I’m pretty sure there are those who disagree with me here.
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Re: End of 2014 CONTEST!

Postby snowyowl » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:40 pm

Deepbluediver wrote:What, no. This is "the end of 2014" contest, not the end of "the 2014 contest".
Do you get it now? :?:

Yeah, you can tell it's meant to be parsed ((End of 2014) CONTEST) because "CONTEST" is capitalised to indicate that it's separate. If it was (End of (2014 CONTEST)), then "2014" would also be capitalised to indicate that it's part of the same element.

... oh wait. You don't have capital numbers on this planet. My bad.
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Re: End of 2014 CONTEST!

Postby crayzz » Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:15 pm


It juts looks like I forgot to pluralize 'contest,' or capitalize 'end of.' This is likely why I was taught to write number greater than 10 in numerals.
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Postby Tailsteak » Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:24 pm

*edits title*
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Horizon's Submission

Postby Horizon » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:23 am

"Jamie, what are you doing?" Ellen asked, walking into the room at precisely the correct moment.
"Hm? Oh, uh, I'm learning how to juggle." Jamie answered, before turning his attention back to the colorful plastic clubs in his hands. "Er, practicing, really. I learned a few years ago, but it's been a while."
"Okay, new question: why?" Ellen inquired, pinching the bridge of her nose and sighing.
"Because, as I've said before, chefs tend to move around from restaurant to restaurant." Jamie told her, beginning to juggle. "And believe it or not, juggling is an important skill at the one I'm looking to move to next."
"Jamie, in what possible way would juggling clubs be useful for cooking?" Ellen asked, still not quite getting it.
"Well, I wouldn't be juggling clubs there, I would be juggling knives." Jamie clarified. "Besides, some restaurants have the chef cook in front of you, and that means doing tricks."
"Don't you hate performing in front of an audience, though?" Ellen sat down on the couch, and watched Jamie juggle the clubs. He wasn't bad; maybe a little rusty, but he was doing well at scrubbing off the rust.
"Oh, I do. Pay's better, though." Jamie candidly admitted. "Besides, dealing with your rogue's gallery has... opened me up, shall we say. I'm a little more open to performance in front of an audience."
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Postby DJRubberducky » Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:49 am

In case I chicken out and convince myself I can't actually draw what I have in mind, here's the script. It's set in an alternate point in time where Max and Simon and Wallace and Carol and Trent decide to have a wedding-equivalent event.

[Saturday evening, INT: dressing room, The Chapel at Silverleaf]

CA (in a bridal gown): You look great!
ChA (in a bridesmaid's dress): I look fake.
CA: I don't have time to argue properly, so I'll just say thanks for doing this for me.
ChA: *sigh* I _want_ to do this for you. You're my sister and I love you, and I want to support you even if I don't quite get this whole polyamory thing.
CA: But...
ChA: Well, in addition to being seriously uncomfortable, I feel like I'm being _less_ sincere about it, by dressing up like something I'm not.
CA: Maybe you can think about it like an undercover job, to make sure nobody causes trouble?
ChA: Well, if that's the goal, shouldn't I at least be carrying a nightstick instead of a bouquet?
CA: Funny, apparently you're the second one who's made that request today...
[INT: a different dressing room, The Chapel at Silverleaf]

MH (in a bridal gown that matches CA's): You look great!
EB (in a bridesmaid's dress that matches ChA's): I look fake.
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Postby Tailsteak » Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:57 am

I love that you followed my transcript format!
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