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Characters IRL

Postby Valkyrie » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:31 pm

So I've seen stuff before saying that the characters aren't realistic, etc. But I watched an episode of "Cooks vs. Cons" today and saw a guy who was so much like Jamie! He didn't look like him, but he had the same madcap reinterpretation of foods that I would expect from a real-life Jamie.

"Cooks vs. Cons" is a show where two professional chefs face off against two people pretending to be professional chefs. The fun of it is watching the mayhem and trying to predict who is who.

Found the episode on YouTube for reference:

Watch the guy named Andy and see what he does, especially with the hot dogs.

He takes cooked hot dogs, puts them in a blender, puts the results in a plastic bag (like with icing), and squirts the meat into a deep-fryer in little chunks. They come out like little meat tater tots.

Where have you seen people with mad skills like the ones in the comic?
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