Low quality children's entertainment

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Low quality children's entertainment

Postby Piomicron » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:08 am

I always hate seeing low-quality children's entertainment of any sort, especially when it's clear that the concept was "just crap out whatever we can, those stupid kids will read/watch/listen to anything". There are certain cartoons from my childhood I could name, cartoons that were often little more than poorly animated and poorly written twenty-two minute toy commercials.

It's true, children are voracious consumers of entertainment, and are easily hypnotized by bright lights and stupid action, but that only means we should be MORE careful about what we show them, not LESS!

I mean, apply the same theory to baby food - babies don't know the difference between good quality strained carrots and orange fructose-sawdust emulsion, and they don't really have a choice, parents will spoonfeed it to them anyway, right? But those babies are going through a critical growing phase, and it's precisely because they can't control what they're eating that we need to take extra care with their nutrition!

- Tailsteak

This. This, SO MUCH!
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