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Horizon Runs An Askblog

PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:28 pm
by Horizon
Alright, if you have never read Homestuck, feel free to back out right now. You might be confused as to who the hell "Eridan" is and why he has a stupid, made-up name.

Everyone who's reading this sentence, I'm assuming that you've read Homestuck, and you know of the character Eridan Ampora. The fish guy who's kind of a tool and got torn in half by a lesbian lumberjack vampire. Well, half out of boredom, and half out of a desire to regularly draw, I've started an askblog called carpentersApotheosis, which takes place after Homestuck's story has ended, where they're victorious, the dead arise, and they enter the new world. Eridan, completely at a loss for what to do, shrugs and takes up carpentry.

And now people ask him stupid questions while he's on break.