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Business Coaching

Postby agustjandraacademy » Sun Sep 22, 2019 8:59 pm

Broadly speaking coaching is the relationship between the coach or the trainer with the audience, so that participants can be inspired and maximize their potential.

The business coach is a relationship. A place where you seek guidance, support and challenges so you can find solutions to the business problems you face today.

A coach is different from a motivator if the motivator only provides enthusiasm globally, while the coach is an expert in providing solutions and guidance to individuals based on the experience he has gone through in this case is business experience.

A coach is required to be able to understand each participant, because each participant has a variety of different problems. all these problems can not be solved with just one way, therefore a coach must be closer to understanding every problem that exists.

There are lots of people out there who call themselves business coaches. Without accreditation or professional associations, it is difficult to find a good business coach. Not just about the method or quality of their training, but about their approach to business and life in general.

Before looking for the right coach, here's how to find a good and right business coach:

1. Get to know your business coach well,
Many ways can be done to do this, one of them is by surveying any seminars that have been held by the business coach and understanding the coach's business portfolio well.

2. Choose a coach who wants to listen
Coach plays an important role in developing ideas from business people if they position themselves as good listeners and are giving directions, but conversely if your coach talks too much it will hinder the creativity of ideas that arise from the businessman himself.

3. Extent of Knowledge and Experience from a Business Coach
It is very important you know, the extent of knowledge and flexibility of the type of business from your business coach so that you are also facilitated in future business guidance, supported also by the experience of your business coach who already has evidence. For that, before you decide on a choice for a business coach, it helps you check the background of the Business Coach. Do you really have basic business or expertise in your field of business. Who is he What are his success stories in the field, and so on

4. Working patterns that have proven to be effective
Try to check the work patterns of your business coach whether it is proven and efficient in building the success of business clients both small and large businesses. For additional information, you can also check whether the business plan of the business has been registered legally.

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