Is this sex?

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Is this sex?

Postby snowyowl » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:18 pm

I'm faintly obsessing over this comment in the FANART thread:

Tailsteak wrote:Hmm... depending on what, exactly, the symbols represent, Trent's lines to Wallace and Simon should probably be smiley faces... I'll get this up ASAP, and I'll email you the Ellen dressup doll info.

I think that any attempt at classifying the possible relationships between two people is doomed to failure. Attempting to draw a solid line between couples who are "together" and couples who are not, between people who like men and people who like women, or even between sex acts and non-sex acts, always leaves some grey areas. If only because of people who deliberately set out to subvert the cultural norm. But just because we can't find a perfect answer never stopped people from competing for second place, so I'm interested in everyone else's opinion.

I would have considered that Trent, Simon and Wallace all participating in an orgy together (partially on-panel) was more than enough to qualify them as having "had sex together". Indeed, I would go so far as to say they had kinky sex together, even before considering their Tuesday activities. My basis for this is that they present the pentad as a single cohesive unit rather than an open triad and an open tetrad (double-counting Max and Carol). To me, Trent's heterosexuality seems like a personal kink (or lack-of-kink) that modulates a sexual and romantic relationship, in much the same way as Simon's S&M fetish. If Trent considered himself "in a relationship" with Max and Carol but not Simon and Wallace, I'd expect to see different behaviour from him, although in fairness we haven't seen the three guys interacting much without Max present, so that evidence could still come up. (Side character status is like that.)

On the other hand, Trent considers himself heterosexual, and presumably isn't fluidbonded with Simon or Wallace, so if he and/or Tailsteak think the lines on Yomikopa's relationship map should be yellow instead of red based on the fact that they haven't had penetrative sex, then that's an equally valid and consistent definition. But it's one I object to, because to define sex in terms of the physical act rather than the way the people think of each other leads to absurdities like having only anal and oral sex in order to stick to the letter of a "no sex before marriage" promise. As an undead skeleton and an animate suit of armour in a different webcomic explained, sex is almost entirely mental.

Am I overcomplicating this?
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Re: Is this sex?

Postby crayzz » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:14 pm

I would have considered that Trent, Simon and Wallace all participating in an orgy together (partially on-panel) was more than enough to qualify them as having "had sex together".

I believe the distinction was between a romantic sexual relationship and a friendly one. That is to say, they have sex, they just act more like buddies than romantic partners.

Whether or not the specific acts in question constitute sex, I have no idea. They're certainly sexual.
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Re: Is this sex?

Postby typhon » Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:45 pm

Trent is the least developed of the three boyfriends, and I would expect this question to come up when we see more of him.

I probably should make a separate thread for this, but the slow pace of so-called slice-of-life webcomics has many drawbacks, especially when discussing characters whom we know to be important yet haven't seen much of.

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