Poverty, desperation, and morality

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Re: Poverty, desperation, and morality

Postby doctor100 » Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:58 pm

Interesting, that normally the term used is "morally acceptable" , not to say it is right, but that it is accepted despite it's transgression. Are we under the assumption that the person who is otherwise starving steals a loaf of bread and is then finished?

Isn't this family though, very close to what we model as "the acceptable" transgression? Is the real world example to personal?

LEt's consider another famous moral exception-to kill if it meant saving the lives of many. How close did Kennedy come to WWIII? Did his killer think this same thing? How many famous killers might be able to say this? Some might claim it meant life and freedom from foreigners, including freedom to practice religion (bin Laden); if Hitler had been successfully assassinated, wouldn't Germany still can it a crime today?
Particularly considerign that so much of morality is emotional based 'not to hurt people' 'don't be mean' 'build community' 'listen' 'be humble', a logical answer doesn't present itself, the problems exist in an emotional framework.
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