Technology and the job market.

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Re: Technology and the job market.

Postby doctor100 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:10 pm

So your ideal paradise is one with luxury where you don't have to work, but the idea of someone living that way offends you?
Particularly considerign that so much of morality is emotional based 'not to hurt people' 'don't be mean' 'build community' 'listen' 'be humble', a logical answer doesn't present itself, the problems exist in an emotional framework.
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Re: Technology and the job market.

Postby RyukaTana » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:52 pm

No, my ideal world is one wherein we all provide something valuable to the collective, because I understand psychology enough to know what people will act like when they don't see the value in contributing to their community. Not to mention that our bodies would deteriorate under the circumstances in which most people chose not to be productive in any way.

Actually, my ideal world either includes humans dying out, or me ruling over the land of blowjobs and candy, but we're not talking about just ideals. We're talking about a practical ideal world, one in which the basic concepts of physics, biology, etc that exist on Earth are still a thing.

I never once said that the world should NOT have work, and I still contend the word 'work' is shit here because most people attribute it to tedious tasks and manual labor. If that's the case, no, I don't think anyone should work that doesn't specifically want to (unless exercise of some kind counts), but everyone should contribute.
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