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Postby Nepene » Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:23 am

lolzor99 wrote:Lee definitely needs help, and if the only way they can get it is through a sexbot, then you're right. One of my concerns is that Zoa's goal is not to improve Lee's mental state, it's to make money, which is rather questionable motivation for an emotional support aid. I can't really explain the ineptitude of Lee's therapybot (which is almost as inept as Patricia, I suppose) but at least it is programmed to make Lee, what, Healthy&Happy or whatever as its primary motivation.

One of the big issues of prostitutes as therapists is that they're not licensed or (usually) educated to actually provide therapy. Zoa has a similar issue in that she has been programmed based on (presumably) pure greed and survival. Ideally, modifications to the Emotional Support Aid would be changed to include requirements for AI.

It's not like real life therapists value patient welfare universally. Using money as a motivator has long been an important thing.

Plus Zoa hasn't been programmed to pure greed and survival. She has a bunch of ethical AI things to make sure she behaves and doesn't harm people.


>Zoa [data connection]: Look, we have a common goal, here. You want Lee happy&healthy because that's your raison d'être, I want them happy&healthy because happy&healthy people are more likely to spend $ on blowjobs.
Doc [data connection]: Right up until they're happy&healthy enough to have happy&healthy reciprocal relationships with other humans.
Zoa [data connection]: Well, happy&healthy within reason. Let's be realistic, here.
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