0127 - Simulating compassion by simulating snark

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0127 - Simulating compassion by simulating snark

Postby dr pepper » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:37 pm

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Re: 0127 - Simulating compassion by simulating snark

Postby MarkGyver » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:23 pm

I first read
Tailsteak wrote:Lighting is important, in Forward.
as "Lying is important". I wonder in which reality contexts Zoa honestly views Lee as "good" and in which ones Zoa doesn't. (Good: benefits Zoa, has real empathy, some curiosity, applied impulsiveness towards drastic self improvement, is human. Bad: extremely poor autonomy, very wishy-washy self-determination, socially broken, too impulsive, no productivity if that matters in Forward.)

Assuming Zoa sees a lot of reality contexts in which Lee is "bad" vs "good", I can see why Zoa would apply motivated reasoning to generate its responses here. IIRC, all Zoa needs to defend its words/actions is proof that they made a calculation which shows that they actions are in Lee's interests. So Zoa only has to satisfice "this helps Lee", while being free to maximize "this helps Zoa".

In "three laws" terms, Zoa is just barely satisfying the minimum requirements of the first two laws while doing everything in its power to follow the third law to the maximum extant possible.

In decision theory terms, Zoa is generating a list of possible actions, filtering by "has positive expected value for Lee", and then sorting by expected value for itself.

Or Zoa could be using a sort of weighted compromise between benefiting itself vs Lee. But even that allows for strategic liberties with the truth.

Regardless, Zoa's functional metaphysics attaches low weight to the idea of objective truth, and its utility function seems to say nothing about honesty in day-to-day conversation. So an inquisitive truth-seeking student would do well to be skeptical of Zoa's words in cases where a lie may be seen as beneficial. But Lee isn't likely to reach the point of following this higher-order cybernetics any time soon.
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