Game Night
By Horizon

Game Night

It was game night, and everyone was getting ready for the final boss. Ellen and Nicole had decided to team up for some mayhem points, and their descriptions were… lacking. Max said, "C'mon, that was pathetic. You can do better than that."

Ellen responded, "Alright, fine, let's take it from the top."

Jamie butted in, "I see what you did there."

There was a collective groan, usually reserved for lame puns. It was the second one that night from Jamie, and if he made one more, he would be kicked out of the game and apartment for an hour.

Ellen said, "Mia, upon registering what Emily has just done, grins and moves closer. She leans back against Emily."

Nicole interjected, "Emily then wraps one of her arms around Mia, using the other to stroke her hair."

"Mia then turns around and gives Emily a light kiss."

"Emily then pulls Mia into a longer kiss, involving liberal usage of tongue."

"Mia slowly walks towards her cabin, still locked in the embrace with Emily. Once inside, still making out with Emily, she locks the door and falls into the bed on her back, Emily on top of her."

"Emily begins removing various articles of her clothing, breaking the kiss to remove her shirt, revealing an aesthetically pleasing pair of breasts. At that point, she's completely naked."

"Mia begins to caress Emily's body, starting with the neck, and moving downwards, rolling over to lie beside Emily in the process."

"Emily begins to let out a few low moans of pleasure."

"When Mia's reached the legs, she pays some extra attention to them. After a minute or so, she stops to remove her clothing, and brings her hands back up to Emily's groin, and begins to stimulate the area with her fingers."

Game Night "Emily's moaning becomes louder and more frequent. She also begins to rock her hips back and forth very slowly."

"Mia, feeling that it's time to move on to the next step, shifts herself to begin stimulating the area with her tongue, while sliding her pointer and middle fingers in and out."

"Emily moans even louder, and moves her hands to press Mia's head closer."

Max is now eating popcorn.

"Mia reaches up with her free hand and begins to grope Emily's breasts."

"With that, Emily is brought to orgasm and makes only a small 'eep' before collapsing."

"Mia shifts back up to face Emily, and says, 'I do believe it's your turn,' while grinning and gesturing to herself."

By this point, both Ellen and Nicole are sweating lightly, and showing some common signs of arousal. Max is the only one who notices, and tucks that nugget of knowledge away for later that night.

"Emily musters enough strength to bring Mia close enough for another kiss, and moving her tongue with the Beat."

Max rolls a die, and says, "You've lost yourself to the beat. However, you keep doing your sexy thing, because what you're doing is a kind of dance."

Ellen picks up where Nicole left off. "Mia begins to use the Beat as well.

Max rolls another die, and says, "You've also lost yourself to the Beat. Now you're both under my control as DM…"

Max then emits an evil laugh that would have sounded evil from anyone else, but sounded downright adorable from her. She begins talking. "With both of you lost in the beat, you become a writhing mass of sexiness. This keeps up for about an hour, when you're both absolutely exhausted."

Jamie pipes in."Y'know, Max, you probably should've let them continue their description. Surprisingly, Ellen and Nicole are better at describing lesbian sex than you are. I'm just as shocked as you."

Max replies, "Yeah, but it was getting to the point where we needed to move on, and I feel that they've earned those mayhem points now."

Game Night "Well, you have a point."

They continued gaming for another hour, and ended up wiping the floor with the final boss. After the game was over, Jamie was feeling tired, and went to bed. Or, in his case, floor. He heard the door open, and some footsteps, so he assumed that Nicole and Max were leaving. He was drifting off, when he heard some very odd sounds coming from the living room.

He stood up, put on some pants, and walked out to see what was going on. What he saw was the entire pentad, plus Ellen and Nicole, curled up in a shifting pile of people getting their bone on. Jamie then slowly walked back into his bedroom and finally went to sleep about 2 hours later, when the noise stopped. Then a different noise started, waking him up.

As it turned out, Trent, Simon, and Wallace all snored. Very loudly.

Jamie was not amused.