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Greg would probably embroider his spiel there in the first panel and hang it up somewhere in his office if he cared at all about motivational décor. It's pretty decent life advice, if you ask me.

As a side note, can I just mention how fucking sad it is that it felt unusual to write a gag that specifically references Islam without in any way mentioning terrorism?

You whippersnappers with 1s and 2s in the front of your ages probably don't remember, but I can recall a time when you could ask the average Johnny Whitebread on the street what he knows about Islam, and the first thing out of his mouth might be "face Mecca five times a day" or "not big pork fans", instead of either gibbering xenophobia or a passionate defense against gibbering xenophobia.

But then, I managed to write a webcomic where a twenty-something woman somehow remembers cartoons from the eighties and owns a damn flip phone, so maybe I'm just out of touch in general.

(Tuesday night, INT: Capsaicin Lounge kitchen)

GO: Honestly, Ames - you show up on time, you do as you're told, when you finish a task you look for what to do next, and if you don't know how to do something you teach yourself. That puts you ahead of most of the other jerkoffs that work here. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, that puts you ahead of most of the people on the planet.
GO: I've been watching you. The only reason you keep making simple mistakes is that Halligan taught you to sprint before you could crawl.
ChA: He did kinda skip some things, yeah. I'm still not sure how to poach an egg.
GO: Heh, join the club. I always delegate that shit.
ChA: I admit, I've been stressed out the whole time I've been here. I keep thinking you're going to fire me. I mean, you canned Ramirez and Levenstein with no warning or explanation...
GO: I fired those assholes because they were dealing meth. Any customer who asked for "chicken carbonara, no white wine or bacon in the sauce" was getting a baggie under the noodles.
ChA: Wait, what? Really?
GO: Yeah, that imam and his family were super understanding.

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