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This one's just cute, I think.


Hey, you know how every year I do a big end-of-year contest? Well, this is the last one! And it's really more of a raffle than a contest. Check it out.

(Monday evening, INT: CA&TH's place, dinner table, CA, ChA, WW and SW are having dinner)

ChA: I don't believe you.
SW: I swear to God. It's actually not that hard, when you know what you're doing.
ChA: You're telling me you have a super power. You have a super power in your mouth.
SW: Several, actually, but it's not about being able to make the same sounds. That would be impossible. It's about understanding the bones underneath the song.
SW (pulling out his phone): Here, I'll show you. Name a dubstep song. Name any dubstep song right now.
WW: Oh God, this trick again.
ChA: I don't know.... fuckin'.... Skrillex.
SW: Actually, most of Skrillex's catalogue is technically not dubstep, but I'll take it. Observe.
SW (to his phone): BJJT WAAT BJJT WAAT -vvviiviiwaaaao- BJJT WAAT BJJKIWAAT -viki viki waaaaao~~~
[SW holds out his phone, we see what the phone displays]: Song identified: Bangarang, by Skrillex feat. Sirah
ChA: Well, holy shit.
WW: And yet no one's ever impressed with my perfect Buddy Rich thing. It's discrimination, I tell you.

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