Greetings, fellow coitus enthusiasts!  Fictional character Maxine Hellenberger here.  That's right, I'll break the fourth wall, I don't give a fuck.  Except, of course, that I /do/ want to give a fuck.  That's where you come in.  You want a custom picture of someone's junk, possibly a picture of it being used for its intended purpose.  Me, I got junk and I wanna use it.  It's kinda my thing.  So I'll make you a deal.  If the picture you want to commission involves me getting my freak on in any way shape or form, go ahead and ask Tailsteak for one of those 'Ludicrously Hard' trivia questions.  I'll straight up /give/ you the answer!  You read that right.  Any and all custom porn of yours truly, at a guaranteed /fifty percent off!/  I'm into pretty much everyone and everything (except scat, bestiality, snuff, et cetera), and I have a particular love for group sex, big cocks, anonymity (glory holes, blindfolds, that sort of thing) and taking people's virginities.  Seriously, if it's just me and one other person, no background, ten plus five divided by two... that'd only be seven fifty!  You'd be crazy /not/ to go for it!  Come on, you want it, I want it... let's make this happen, whaddya say?