So you want to buy things from me? Awesome!

Bang: an apocalypse.

Well, I have a novel I wrote called Bang, that's available over here, or on Amazon. It's a story about a woman named Sandra and the end of the world. Sorta.
And it is a novel. It's short and it's got large font but I checked the word count, it is a novel and not a novella I will fight you on this.

The Paladin's Guide to Life

I also have a non-novel book you can buy - it's a feel-good advice-and-affirmations kinda thing called The Paladin's Guide to Life, it's available here or on Amazon. Makes a great gift!

Oh, and although I personally recommend the physical copies of those books, you can get the pdfs of them at absolutely no charge whatsoever... if you pledge to give me a dollar a month or so. Great deal, huh?

I also have shirts available!

Bang: an apocalypse.

Well... shirt. I have a shirt available, that you can buy. It's the "Veni Ad Me Frat" one that Simon wears in this storyline. There's also a print you can buy of Jamie, Ellen and Max doing various activities! They're available through a company I partner with called Dodeca System Games, you can click anywhere on this big long link and go straight there!

...and that's about it for merchandise at this time. Have any other ideas for ways you'd like to give me your money? Send me an email at tailsteak[at]hotmail[dot]com.