You may dream of boobs and butts,
Lips and pussies, dicks and nuts,
In 'most any combination that's been tried ...
But if all your clothes are tore,
And your crotch is kinda sore,
Then by Maxine you've been taken for a ride.

Yes, she needs a lot of dong;
She can't go without for long,
She must satisfy her lust without delay ...
With her appetite for sex,
All her moods are total wrecks
If she doesn't get it seven times a day.

        For it's Max! Max! Max!
        She identifies her target, then attacks!
        This petite and spunky cutie
        Is an endless source of booty ...
        Guys in packs cannot relax when chased by Max!

She love creatures, great and small,
Dogs and bunnies, cats and all,
See her care for them, she's saddened by their plight ...
She's as kind as she can be
'Til she's playing D&D;
Then she'll slaughter every living thing in sight.

But her basic task is just
To inspire unbridled lust;
She's like Aphrodite, Freyja, Bes, or Venus ...
If her friends are occupied,
Her libido's not denied;
She'll just go and find an unattended penis.

        For it's Max! Max! Max!
        There's an everlasting party in her slacks!
        Though I've done you at an orgy,
        By the twisted god that forged ye,
        You're much naughtier than I am, Mighty Max!

        --Ed Gedeon