Behold, a comic.

Leftover Soup is an entirely fictional webcomic that updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. New strips are posted at midnight Central Standard Time, since that's apparently where my server is located.

Some webcomic artists plot their work a few weeks in advance, and only draw their strips the day before they're due. I can't work like that - I have a backlog. As such, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for me to work in crossovers and special events with the rest of the comics community. Sorry, you guys. I'll try to work in some background cameos here and there to make it up to you.

Also, unlike most of the webcomics community, my scripting style has a pretty tight strip-time focus: it can take me several months in real-time to get through a single day in strip-time. As such, I won't be following the webcomic trend of setting the comic in a constant now - like Marvel or DC, I'm gonna use a sliding time scale, in which the comic #1 is always set in the year in which you're reading it. (Unless, of course, some epic world-changing event takes place that renders the events and elements of the comic ludicrously antique and irrelevant, in which case it will be set in the year immediately before said world-changing event.)

I will strive to keep Leftover Soup officially Safe For Work, i.e., free of nudity, gore, and overt hate speech. There will, however, be swearing and descriptions of sexuality, violence, and opinions that some people may consider offensive. Leftover Soup may not be R-rated, but it isn't really intended for children.

Behold, a comic. I reserve the right to link to NSFW material, but I will label it clearly as such.

If you like reading comics on your smartphone, Leftover Soup (along with many others) is available on a free app called Comic Chameleon. If you like my strip and want to help me out, you can donate via Paypal to tailsteak[at]hotmail[dot]com, and I have a Patreon campaign you can check out as well.