Terms and Conditions

(The person indicated by "you" and all other second-person pronouns and their grammatical derivatives used in the following document shall be understood to be you, the person accessing and utilizing the resources made available at leftoversoup.com, as well as all persons and legal entities employed to act in your name.)

The primary purpose of leftoversoup.com is the dissemination of the serialized graphic novel known as "Leftover Soup". Unless otherwise noted, no aspect of any of the content provided at leftoversoup.com is copyrighted or otherwise restricted by existing intellectual property law. You are free to alter, quote, repost, remix, resell, link to, translate, transcribe, print, fold, spindle, mutilate, claim credit for, accept blame for, and compose fanfiction or fanart of all material presented on the site without restriction.

All content provided on leftoversoup.com has no guarantee whatsoever of timeliness, relevance, consistency, or quality. Despite this lack of guarantee, said material is understood to be flawless and without errorr of any kind. Any and all perceived faults in the material as presented shall be understood to be a result of misunderstanding on the part of the reader.

By accessing leftoversoup.com, you agree to waive your right to pursue legal action against the owners and proprietors of leftoversoup.com in any and all civil or criminal cases. Furthermore, if legal action is pursued against you by the owners and proprietors in a civil or criminal case, you agree to waive your right to a defense, your right to a fair trial, and your right to remain silent.

The material presented at leftoversoup.com may contain content commonly thought of as "offensive", including, but not limited to, graphic descriptions and depictions of sexual intercourse, violence, swearing, racism, politically and religiously controversial statements, and nontraditional lifestyles. By accessing said material, you indicate your unqualified consent to be subjected to such descriptions and depictions, both now and in perpetuity.

All persons, objects, events, corporations, animals, plants, concepts, worlds and systems depicted or referenced on leftoversoup.com are fictional in nature, and any resemblance to actual persons, objects, events, corporations, animals, plants, concepts, worlds or systems is entirely coincidental and imaginary. Any and all similarities between depicted or referenced material and actual entities is in violation of these terms and conditions, and said actual entities are required to cease and desist resembling the depicted or referenced material immediately.

All content made available at leftoversoup.com (including, but not limited to, the serialized graphic novel known as "Leftover Soup") is provided for entertainment purposes only.

As such, any reaction to said content other than entering a psychological state of being entertained and acting accordingly is strictly prohibited.

"Entertained", here, denotes an emotional reaction wherein you experience mild to moderate pleasurable sensations, as well as a measurable but non-addictive desire for additional content. You may also experience the following physical symptoms: slightly elevated heart rate, dilated pupils, elevation of the corners of the mouth, and voluntary or involuntary spasms of the diaphragm resulting in expulsion of air through the mouth and/or nose in the forms commonly recognized as "laughter" (including, but not limited to: giggles, titters, chuckles, snickers, chortles, cackles, and/or guffaws.).

Alternate psychological states (including, but not limited to: indifference, annoyance, dissatisfaction, irritation, sexual arousal, passionate devotion, anger, stress, confusion, depression and/or schadenfreude) are permitted only insofar as they subsequently segue into entertainment within a period no greater than ten seconds. Any forum posts, email, snail mail, blog comments, or other media produced in reaction to the content provided at leftoversoup.com that indicates one of these alternate psychological states shall be held as evidence of breach of these terms and conditions, and may be used against you as such in court of law.

There shall be no expectation of privacy whatsoever.

By accessing leftoversoup.com, you grant permission for your IP address to be logged, your email address to be recorded, your usernames for all online services to be deduced, your passwords to be brute force cracked and then written down in unencrypted plaintext, your browser to be inundated with cookies, adware and keyloggers, and for little wireless cameras to be stitched into the eye sockets of all your stuffed animals and/or real animals. Magic may be employed against you.

By accessing leftoversoup.com, you agree not to hold its creators and proprietors responsible for any and all negative happenstances that result directly or indirectly from said access, including, but not limited to: epileptic seizure, allergic reaction, repetitive strain injury, addiction, financial ruin, and/or the merciless ridicule of your peers. Positive happenstances, on the other hand, are totally our doing, and you will credit us as such. You're welcome.

These terms and conditions are presented in the expectation that, like all website terms and conditions, they will not be read. Reading these terms and conditions is a violation of these terms and conditions.