Leftover Soup!
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Comic Leftover Soup!
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And that's it for Leftover Soup. Thank you all so very much for joining me on this journey - it's meant more to me than I can say.

I'm taking everything I've learned from doing this strip, and I'm bringing it all over into the next one. I hope you'll all join me with Forward. It's a comic set in the future, but it's not typical sci-fi... you'll see what I mean. Forward is going to be updating every Monday, and I'm beginning with the first five strips right up front, so you get a nice running start.

A thousand thanks to everyone who's supported me along the way - to all my commissioners, to all my Patreon patrons, to everyone who enjoyed Leftover Soup and recommended it to their friends. I couldn't have done it without you. Special thanks, of course, to my wife, Ambaaargh, to KV1NN4, to Nickabocker, and to Seth - you guys are my bedrock.

The past is beautiful, and the future is bright. Join me, won't you?

[Jamie, Ellen, and Max are waving to you, the viewer.]

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