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"Toby" is a gender-neutral name, right? I mean, in addition to being two prepositions?

Nicole's just having a bit of fun with Lily. Toby is, as Nicole correctly predicted, biologically female. Whether or not Toby psychologically identifies as female will have to wait a few years until they start talking.

I said, years and years ago, that Lily and her misandry were inspired by the character Summer from the porn comic Moon Over June, and I may have used some... unkind words at that time. Since writing that, I did spring for a Slipshine subscription (MOJ is part of Slipshine), and I admit, the comic has grown on me. Summer, over time, became a more well-rounded and likeable character, and the art through which she is depicted did improve. (I maintain that MOJ is not a porn comic for people who are attracted to women so much as it is a gynecological fetish comic, but if that's your thing, by all means, shine on you crazy diamond.)

[INT: NP&JP's place, living room, decorated to celebrate the birth of Toby Penn. John is cuddling Toby on the couch, Nicole is looking smug, Lily is annoyed. Lily has brought two gifts - one in blue wrapping paper with trucks, one in pink wrapping paper with flowers. All of Toby's decorations, blankets, and toys appear to be gender neutral.]