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If anyone's curious, I actually wrote up a full version of Max's philosophy of life, and put it here. Most people (fortunately) guide their lives with a combination of instinct, social pressure, and several vaguely defined competing philosophies. I think that regardless of how reasonable a single manifesto may be, following it religiously will, necessarily, skew your mindset and behaviours farther and farther from normal. That's certainly the case with Max, here.


(Monday. INT: Big Heart Animal Rescue)

EB: You are such a hypocrite.
MH (retrieving a bag of pet food): How am I a hypocrite? You're talking about a board game!
EB: Yeah, a board game about animal abuse!
MH (feeding animals): Look, I KNOW I've had this conversation with you before! My stance on stuff really isn't that hard to understand.
MH: I believe that the primary purpose of human intelligence is to maximize the amount of pleasure and minimize the amount of pain in the universe.
MH (still working): Now, along with that is the fact that intelligence and the freedom to think are the single most important resource at our disposal. There's no such thing as a bad thought.
MH: I may be a vegan, but I'm still human. I watch action movies, I play violent video games and RPGs, I have daydreams about murdering people - I just accept them AS daydreams and move on.
JH: You have daydreams about murdering people?
MH (carrying litterboxes): Yeah, primarily about dumbasses who show up at my workplace and don't ADOPT SOMETHING OR GTFO.