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I know I pack a lot of comics into one day, but yes, this is still Monday (technically Tuesday now, since we're just past midnight). Ellen overdosed on nutmeg yesterday, met with Ty this morning, was home all day, Jamie took off his cast and neckbrace this morning, they adopted Pinball around noon, and she takes her first Krav Maga class with Max in less than eight hours.

All told, the total amount of time elapsed in the strip so far is less than a week.


(Tuesday. INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB (defensive): Look, I had no reason to expect that Pinball wanted to be near me. Pinball HATED me!
MH: She couldn't have hated you, you hadn't DONE anything yet! Hedgehogs are scent-based, if she reacted negatively to meeting you, you should have washed your hands!
EB: Well... I... Okay, good to know. I'll know that for next time, then.
MH: There's not going to be a next time! I'm putting you on the blacklist! You won't be able to own a FLEA CIRCUS in this town!
TH (hand on MH's shoulder): Hey, now. It's late, everybody's stressed, let's not say anything we might regret later.
MH (defeated slump): *sigh* Yeah, you're right. We can talk about this tomorrow morning.
JH: Yeah, you'll have plenty of time to discuss it tomorrow in the middle of your first martial arts class together.
EB: You know, I'm suddenly okay with talking about it right now.