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Lily's overt misandry was inspired in large part by the thoroughly execrable character Summer from the thoroughly execrable porn comic Moon Over June, which I am not going to link here because it is thoroughly execrable.

I like the idea of a character being openly and unapologetically sexist, or racist, or otherwise inexcusably bigoted, while remaining otherwise reasonable. It's worth noting that, although she's a big ol' cranky pants some times, I don't dislike Lily - it's hard, if not impossible, for me to write a character that I truly hate. She has a softer side, and reasons for who and what she is, and I expect they will be more fully explored as the comic progresses.


(Tuesday. INT: Overdrive Computers)

EB (still holding phone book): You know, some would say this isn't a very feminist thing to do.
LH: I'm not a feminist. I'm a misandrist. There's a difference.
EB: Does Gina know?
LH: I got her permission.
EB: You got her permission to put her in the ad, or you got her permission to slap F-cups on her?
LH: Yes to both. I believe she's currently using it as her Facebook profile image.
EB: And you're okay with horny jackass men wandering in here with their computers exclusively because they saw a picture of nonexistent torso accessories?
LH: Men make up most of our clientele, and "horny jackass" in that context is redundant. And yes, I am more than comfortable with taking their money.
EB: Yes, I believe that's our mission statement, isn't it?