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In case anyone's curious, the backstory for Max's pentad goes like this:

1) Wallace and Simon are in a monogamous relationship.
2) W&S both cheat on each other with Max.
3) Max proposes polyamorous triad, which later becomes open.
4) WS&M meet T&C, dalliances of increasing frequency eventually cause both groups to formally merge.
5) As of this point in the story, the pentad has been together for nearly a year. Max lives alone, W&S live together, T&C live together, and sleepovers of any configuration are common. W&S, though technically bisexual, both round up and describe themselves as homosexual for societal reasons. Carol is bisexual, Max is pansexual, and Trent is the only one who is actually strict-dictionary-definition hetero.


(Tuesday, JH and EB's apartment. JH, EB, MH and TH are playing Slapfight.)

JH: So, if I understand you correctly, you're under the impression that all adults need regular sexual stimulation in order to remain psychologically healthy, and you're also under the impression that if someone isn't interested in men they must therefore be interested in women.
MH: I don't think that's a controversial position.
EB: Lily may disagree.
MH: Lily's brainmeats are scrambled from orgasm deficiency. She doesn't get a vote.
JH: Regardless, I think you'd agree that she can't just change her sexual preference based on pragmatism.
MH: Why not? I did.
JH: You did?
MH: Sure! As far as I'm concerned, monosexuality, like monogamy, is a hurdle to be overcome. My yen for yin is entirely artificial. When Trent and Carol joined Wallace, Simon and I, it took me months to get acclimated to pussy. Trent can back me up on this.
TH: It's true. I helped with the training regimen. It involved a lot of lesbian porn and nicotine patches.
MH: Those people who say you're born with one orientation and are stuck with it? Those people are QUITTERS.