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I was thinking of water fluoridation when I wrote this. While there are some nuts who believe the Government puts fluoride in the water to control our minds, the vast majority of people who oppose fluoridation do so because they believe the Powers that Be should not be making health decisions for the general public.

Of course, if you don't like fluoridated water, you're more than free to purchase a filtration unit, or bottled water, or a reverse osmosis setup. The Powers that Be don't make it impossible to drink pure water. They just make sure you have to go out of your way.


(Tuesday, INT: dining room, EB and JH are eating)

JH: I like whole foods as much as the next guy, but if you give up on white flour, you give up on flaky pastry, most cream sauces and soups...
EB: I guess I'm just uneasy with the idea of some central authority adding vitamins into all my food because they think they know what's good for me.
JH: They do know what's good for you, that's the thing. When's the last time you heard of someone in the developed world dying of some form of malnutrition?
EB: Maybe I'm allergic to folic acid. I shouldn't have to have it crammed down my throat.
JH: Well, you don't have to eat it. In fact, if you really want, I bet we could rig up a home filtration and bleaching device. We could bleach our own flour so you can enjoy it in all its pure, bland, pasty glory.
EB: I think we'll save that for when we're rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse.
JH: I'll make you a deal - I'll grow, grind, and bleach the wheat for our apocalyptic croissants, if you handforge electronic components from the ore so we can still get our email.
EB (shaking hand): Deal.