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For a lesser cartoonist, "lol, the woman wants sex but the man dosent" would be played as a joke.

In fact, it'd be the entirety of the joke. Jamie would say "Not tonight, honey, I have a headache!", someone would play the laugh track, and we'd move on to the next scene. I prefer a more nuanced approach.

Also, I think it's interesting that Jamie thinks he knows what Lily believes.


(Wednesday, INT: Max's place, living room)

JH: I thought you had to put me through a panel review or something?
MH (taking off her shirt): Well, the guys like you well enough. Carol hasn't met you yet, but she said okay based on their descriptions. You'd have to wear a condom, of course, but you are officially cleared for insertion.
JH: Well, um, as tempting as that is, I'm gonna have to turn you down. I guess I'm a monogamuggle too.
MH (hand stuck in sleeve, no nudity): Oh, bullshit. You can't be a monogamuggle, you're a guy!
JH (indignant): And what's that supposed to mean?
MH (shirt back on): You're single, you're straight, and you find me attractive. You can't tell me you're turning down a free no-strings fuck. I don't believe you're biologically capable of it.
JH: What, so just because I have a pair of balls, I'm a brain-dead sex-addicted animal? How is that any better than what Lily believes?
MH: Hey, I never said it was a BAD thing!