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As any student of human nature will tell you, while polyamory in theory can run in all directions, in practice, there are far more one-man-multiple-wife groupings out there than there are other configurations. Max's pentad is an anomaly.

This makes sense when you think of it in Darwinian terms. A man with three wives can produce a child every three months. A woman with three husbands has no such advantage. Max would probably say that her grouping is anomalous precisely because they embrace polyamory out of enlightened hedonism, rather than mere instinct.


(Wednesday, INT: Max's place, living room)

JH: Seriously, I said no. Fuck off.
MH: Alright, alright, I will drop this topic of conversation entirely on one condition: you give me one good solid reason why you're turning down an objective good, without referencing solvable problems or religions you no longer follow.
JH: Would you believe instinct?
MH: No. I would not. I do not believe there is an instinct in the human genome to wait until marriage.
JH: Well, that's what it feels like, quite frankly.
JH: Okay, how about this: if I have sex with you, my monogamuggle instinct for sexual possessiveness will take over, and I'll feel compelled to claim you exclusively and kill your current boyfriends with a sharp rock.
MH: Alright, that's an instinct I'll believe in.
JH: Well, thanks. Good to know your opinion of me.
MH: I notice you're not going to kill off Carol?
JH: Heck no, she's gonna be wife number two.