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Yes, it's only been a week. The dates are there in the transcripts, you can check for yourself.

I like this moment, for these two characters. I think it says a lot about both Jamie and Max that, immediately after an awkward, impassioned and entirely inappropriate proposition, Max thinks it's perfectly fine to rest her head in Jamie's lap, and it doesn't occur to Jamie to push her off.

If I had any brains at all, I'd end this scene here.


(Wednesday, INT: Max's place, living room)

JH: Wow, viewing humanity as a collection of hominid instincts is sad.
MH: Exactly why I celebrate our ability to rise above them. But hey, I asked you for a solid reason to refrain from sexual intercourse with me, and you provided one. I'm not going to push matters.
JH: I hope this doesn't weird up our platonic friendship. I know it's only been a week, but I really have enjoyed hanging out with you.
MH: It'll only make things weird if you let it. I offered to do you a favour, you turned it down. That's it.
MH: On an unrelated note, I think Carol will be flattered that, sight unseen, you're putting her in the coveted number two wife slot.
JH: I was operating under the assumption that you two were the only ones available. If I can murder all the men and have all the women I want, you two are down in the low fifties. No offense.
MH: Oh, none taken. If you can have whoever you want, I'm flattered to be in the list at all.
JH: Well, you do have an eighteen Charisma.