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I work in a call center, and, when you work customer service of any sort, you tend to develop little standardized jokes and verbal quirks that you can reuse. "Take your time, I get paid by the hour" is one of mine. It usually puts customers at ease whenever I have to get them to look up their information or perform some mundane technical action.

As a side note, this strip, number 157, marks one full year of Leftover Soup. I've been putting these strips on the Internet for a year, a week has passed in strip time, and, if you read them at an average of fifteen seconds per strip, you'd get through the archives in a little under forty minutes.


(Thursday, INT: Wilson Custom Alterations, Mary Wilson behind the counter, EB entering with satchel)

EB: Hello?
MW: Hello, can I help you?
EB: Actually, I'm here to help you. I'm Ellen Boorsen, from Overdrive Computers.
MW: Oh! I didn't expect you to be a woman!
EB: I get that a lot. I understand you've been having problems with network latency.
MW: Oh, no, nothing like that. Our Internet's just been very, very slow lately.
EB: Not a problem, I can take care of it. Just show me to the computer in question, I'll try to stay out of your way.
MW: Oh... I was in the middle of writing an email newsletter, actually. Do you mind waiting?
EB (leaning back): Hey, you pay per visit, and I get paid by the hour. By all means, take as long as you like.