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One of the major hallmarks of my writing is that my characters, regardless of their intelligence or their viewpoints, are always willing to sit down and have meandering discussions about their beliefs. A phrase like "arguably, a purely evil act", for me, is a nigh-irresistable hook for an interesting discussion. It was actually difficult and unnatural for me to write Richard as incurious as he is.


(Saturday, EXT: park)

JH: Look, you need money for something. Fine, I get that. I'm more than willing to give up the thirty bucks if you want it that bad, and that's a pretty good deal, considering that all you had to do to earn it was wave a piece of metal at me.
JH: But taking my I.D.? That only hurts me and doesn't benefit you. That is, arguably, a purely evil act.
RK: This is not a fuckin' debate. Give me your wallet, or I'm going to shoot you.
JH: Oh, please. We both know you aren't going to shoot me.
RK: What?
JH: You've seen cop shows. You know they can trace a bullet to a gun, and a gun to you. You aren't even wearing gloves!
JH: You shoot me, I'd say the odds are better than fifty-fifty you'll get caught and do twenty-five to life for murder.
RK: You calling me a coward?
JH: I'm saying you're not going to play those odds for the sake of thirty bucks. You may LOOK like an idiot, but I really don't think you ARE one.