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Jamie has not yet learned one of life's major learn-it-the-hard-way lessons - when you get yourself in trouble (for any value of "in trouble"), the first thing you should do is stop talking. The second thing you should do is continue not talking, you dipshit.

Also, yes, that printout in the background there is referencing the dastardly criminal Rich Richardson, alias Bucko.


(Saturday, INT: police processing area)

JH: Thanks for coming to get me, Ellen. I really appreciate it. I didn't know who else to call.
EB: No problem. I figure between my Visa and your American Express, we can carry the debt for a few weeks until you pay me back.
JH: Yeah, we do get this money back, right? When is that? Is it when I show up for my court date, or when I'm found innocent?
police receptionist: That's not my department.
JH: Well, I mean, you'd have to give bail money back eventually, right? You can't just arrest people and take their money regardless of whether or not they're found guilty. You'd just start arresting people walking down the street at random every time your budget needs a boost.
police receptionist: Mister Halliganiv, I can assure you that arresting people at random is not police procedure.
JH: I'm not saying you'd do that! I'm just saying, financially, there'd be no incentive not to!
EB (physically pushing JH out of the police station): Jamie, let's get you out of here before you get yourself arrested again.