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Okay, I was considering posting a quick summary of what Alignments are here for those of you who don't play D&D, but I think they're one of those things that have passed into popular consciousness by now. Besides, if you're really confused, you know where Google is.

I will say this, though - most people, if asked, will categorize themselves as some flavour of Good, when they really should be Neutral. Of course you're generous to your friends and kind to kittens. Hitler was generous to his friends and kind to kittens!


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, MH and EB are sprawled out on the floor with books and paper.)

MH: Okay, I'm tanking it this time around, so I'm thinking dwarven barbarian.
EB: No good. Lily only has the core books, and barb is in PHB two.
MH: Weaksauce. Well, fighter's okay, as long as she's still chaotic good.
EB: No chaotic good either. You can be good or lawful good. Or unaligned, I guess.
MH: You're shitting me. No more chaotic good? I AM chaotic good! What about Robin Hood, what's he?
EB: I'm reasonably confident that the existence of Robin Hood isn't canon in Eberron.
MH (scribbling on her character sheet): Fuck it, it is now. Say hello to Lady Robinella of Loxley, ranger extraordinaire.
EB: Somehow, I think Lily's going to be less than pleased if you start referring to the party as your "merry men".