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I find it interesting how the alignment structure in D&D 3.5 posits the existence of anarchic and axiomatic forces, similar if not equal to the forces of good and evil. The idea that one's allegiance to chaos or order is of equal significance to one's allegiance to the powers of light and darkness intrigues me on a number of levels.

Of course, a world in which good and evil are not subjects for idle philosophical musing, but are, rather, objectively measurable qualities is also interesting.

I would think it would be obvious that Max views herself as Chaotic Good. After all, she strives to make people happy, she has a job taking care of sick animals, and she doesn't let herself be tied down by the traditional rules of society. Whether or not she actually is chaotic or good, in this fluid reality where such things are hard to define (much less measure), is up for debate.

The stripped down nonintuitive alignment system is one of many reasons why I'm not a big fan of fourth edition.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, MH and EB are sprawled out on the floor with books and paper.)

MH (still scribbling): Let's see, Bluff, Thievery... where's Disguise Self?
EB: You'd have to be a warlock or a rogue to get Bluff or Thievery without wasting a feat.
EB: And you don't get skill points any more, could you please stop writing things down until I explain the new rules?
MH: So I seriously can't be chaotic any more?
EB: You can be chaotic evil.
EB: The new alignments are lawful good, good, unaligned, evil, and chaotic evil.
MH: So wait, law is good and chaos is evil now? Do you know what this means?
EB: That Wizards finally realized that the vast majority of their players thought having a chaotic alignment meant acting like Freakazoid all the time?
MH: Wizards of the Coast has been taken over by lawful evil necromancers.
EB (sarcastically): Oh, of course, I thought you meant OTHER than the obvious explanation...