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I once played a character who, rightly or wrongly, believed that the actions of his party were illegal, dangerous, and immoral, and refused to go along with them. Separated from the party, when the feces later impacted the fan, my character went to the local constabulary and ratted out his fellow adventurers, not necessarily in the hopes that they'd be arrested or caught, but simply in an attempt to curtail the havoc, minimize the bodycount, and do the right thing.

I was informed, by my GM, that my character's actions were evil, and that my alignment was therefore now evil. Anyone who's ever been in this situation knows how futile it is to try to justify oneself - if the GM says you're evil, what the GM says goes.

All I could say was that if some paladin or other spellcaster pointed out to my character that he was evil, he would react with surprise, and would view his malevolent aura as a problem to be solved. To me, the mere fact that he would reject his newfound iniquitous nature and would take steps to rectify it was enough to justify the character as redeemable.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, MH and EB are sprawled out on the floor with books and paper.)

EB: I gotta say, you're taking the loss of chaotic good pretty personally.
MH: Well, yeah! You know me, I'm all about the personal freedom and independance and spontanaeity and stuff.
MH: Now, all of a sudden, in the world that I spend four to six hours a week in, the structure of the universe has warped and shifted around me, so that people like me can never be good, and the kinds of freaks who own day planners and actually follow them can never be evil. It's a slap in the face, is what it is.
EB (looking in the book): Well, if it's any consolation, the description of "good" now mentions "freedom", and the description of "evil" includes "tyranny".
MH: So really, it's just lawful good, chaotic good, unaligned, lawful evil and chaotic evil?
EB: I think if you just wrote "chaotic good" on your character sheet, it's unlikely that Lily would give a damn.
MH: I'ma write down "papaya horsefeather gorblesnot". That'll show'em.