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For those of you who can't be bothered to go back through the archives or the cast page, a quick primer on Nicole, here.

Nicole was the person who lived here before Jamie moved in. You may recall Ellen calling her back in strip #16, asking why she would have taken the bed, when she's sleeping with John now. Given the ring shown on her left fourth finger, you can probably guess who and what John is.

In strip #71, we saw that Nicole was playing Axle, the warforged monk/rogue.

And that's all we know about Nicole at this point.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

NP: I guess we haven't really been properly introduced. I'm Nicole, Ellen's old roommate.
JH: Oh yeah, hi. Jamie Halligan, Ellen's new roommate.
NP: So how are you liking my old room? You get a new bed yet?
JH: Nah, I'm still sleeping on the floor. No complaints other than that, though.
NP: This may sound like an odd question, but do you mind if I read your aura?
JH: I... what? What is this we're doing?
EB: It's just some New Agey crap. She's going to squint at you for ten seconds, then tell you you have a blue aura and it means you're a good person or something.
MH: Mine is turquoise with yellow spots, which is obviously the BEST aura.