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Much like Jamie, I grew up as a Creationist. I think the persistent influence of that particular conspiracy theory is due to the same lack of curiosity (and inertia, and fear) that Nicole is displaying here. Often, in spiritual matters (all along the spectrum of religious traditions) there is a lack of basic mammalian curiosity, and applying logical deduction or the scientific method to one's beliefs is not particularly encouraged.

Make no mistake, Creationism is an elaborate conspiracy theory that would far outweigh any faked moon landing or covered up alien crash site. The sheer number of people, acting independantly, across dozens of different disciplines, who would have to be in on it would number in the millions. I won't bother linking you to relevant scientific articles, here. You all know where Google is.

For many young Christians like myself, growing up and first being exposed to the obvious ridiculousness of young-Earth Creationism (and the nonviability of the various compromise doctrines) is a blow to one's faith from which most do not recover. And, of course, you have to confront it. A religion based on willful ignorance won't last particularly long either.

Of course, my perspective on the matter is rather unique, given my history as an authour - especially as a fourth-wall-breaking authour who has used the metaphor of artist-and-art as a persistent analogy to explore the relationship of deity-and-creation. After all, look at Jamie up there. As the Supreme Creator of the Leftover Soup universe, I created him ex nihilo, in my own image, a little over a year ago. Does he look one year old to you?


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: Okay, seriously, here, we'll do it once with me before I give you permission, then again after I give you permission, and see if they look the same. Ready?
NP: Hey, if you're not open to spirituality at this point in your life, that's fine. You don't have to make fun of my beliefs.
JH: Who's making fun? I grew up in a church where the pastor would hit you in the forehead and expect you to fall over because you were possessed by the Holy Spirit. I used to be a Creationist, for God's sake. I assure you, I am more than open to all manner of spiritual freaky stuff.
NP: I don't know, I'm kinda picking up a negative, skeptical vibe, here.
JH: Skeptical and negative aren't the same thing at all! I'm perfectly willing to accept the reality of what you do. I'm just curious, and it baffles me that you aren't. How is it that you haven't tried this stuff? You're the one with the super power.
NP: That's exactly it! You think of it as a super power! You're just... playing with it!
JH: Look, Nicole, all mammals play as a means of learning their abilities. Let me help you be mammalian.
MH (scribbling): Note to self - new pickup line.