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Just like the last time we were at the Funky Harvest, those people in the foreground of panel 1 are cameos from other webcomics. The blue-haired girl is Brooksie from Between Failures, and the inquisitive gentleman beside her is Brian from Think Before You Think.

Unlike the last Filthy Hippie cameos, both of these characters have names, and I don't think either of them would be likely to visit the back room. I do think, however, that they'd both appreciate some nice freshly squeezed papaya juice.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: Filthy Hippie)

MH (dragging JH into the store): Attention, stoners! Is there a New Age aura reader in the house?
unnamed hippie: I can do Tarot!
unnamed hippie: I read palms, if that helps.
MH: Focus, people! Auras! It's a karmic emergency! We need a human P.K.E. meter, and we need him now!
BK: Monique reads auras, but she's... she's taking inventory in the back room right now.
NP: Oh, Monique is really good. She's the one that taught me.
JH: Great, can we talk to her?
MH: Uh, Jamie? She's in the back room.
JH: So?
MH (stage whisper): So the back room is where people go to consume botanicals that aren't on the menu.
BK: Yeah, she's going to be taking inventory for a while.