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I'm a big fan of skeptics of the paranormal (especially viciously funny ones), but one aspect of the typical approach annoys me - the unspoken assumption that explaining something is equivalent to explaining it away. Yes, aura reading may utilize pareidolia and intuition (either on a conscious or an unconscious level), but that doesn't mean it isn't a useful practice.

Or, in terms Ellen might appreciate, gremlins may live in people rather than in boxes, but that doesn't mean they aren't real.


(Sunday afternoon, EXT: JH, MH and NP are walking down the sidewalk, all have smoothies.)

JH: So I have a freaky aura. I really don't know how to feel about that.
NP: Well, to play devil's advocate here, you really don't get all that much information from an aura reading by itself.
NP: If Ellen were here, she'd say that it's just staring at something until you get retinal fatigue, then using cold read techniques and pareidolia to get a vague impression of someone's personality. And, quite frankly, she's kinda got a point.
JH: So it's not my spirit that's scary and/or nonexistent, it's my afterimage?
MH: Well, you are wearing grey, which in theory should have no afterimage. I think you're a winter.
JH: Hey, as long as we're here, a graphic designer would know about colours. You think Wallace is home?
MH: Well, now, hang on, we need a plan. If you walk in there and ask a gay graphic designer to critique your wardrobe, we'll be there all night.
JH: How about if I work the word "contour" into conversation, that'll be the signal for you to distract him. With 1d3 orifices.
MH: Have I mentioned lately how much I like you?