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Mainstream porn culture is utterly toxic for a wide variety of reasons, but its attitude towards black males is... well, it's gotta be in the top twenty reasons to abstain (or, at least, support alternative sources of titillation).

Of course, I run with a furry crowd, so I'm no stranger to non-mainstream porn (and "brown human having sex with pink human" has never struck me as being particularly exotic).


(Sunday afternoon, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

JH (still reading newspaper): Late at night... approached an unidentified minor... made numerous statements about the inferiority of African Americans... used racial epithets numerous times... forced his victim to kneel and repeat his white supremacist rhetoric at gunpoint? Jesus!
JH (still reading newspaper): Also grabbed at the minor's genitalia through his clothing and indicated that he wished to have sexual relations with... that doesn't make sense! If I hate black people, why would I want to have sex with them?
MH: Dude. Have you ever seen so-called "inter-racial" porn?
JH: Oh, great, and the second page is all opinion pieces about how I shouldn't be "out on the street".
MH: Must have been a really slow news day.
JH (slowly dawning horror): This shit is going to be Googleable for the rest of my life. I'm never going to get a job again.
WW: I don't know about that. Even Klan meetings must need caterers.