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Ethnic slurs are weird.

I've seen some people try to argue that a single word, in and of itself, can't be offensive. I disagree. After all, if you accept that a sentence (say, "Belgians are naturally inferior") can be offensive, you'd have to accept that reducing it to an acronym ("BANI") would retain the offense, and then you can call a Belgian a "bani", and it would be reasonable for them to be offended.

Of course, they're within their rights to be offended no matter what you call them, because people are allowed to be offended, just like you're allowed to offend them.

I think Jamie's wrong, though, in stating that he's somehow entitled to let fly with an n-word after being shot. Or, at any rate, he's no more and no less entitled than he would be anyway.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

JH: Halliganiv could not be reached for comment. No shit.
WW: So you're gonna tell me that none of this is true?
JH: Okay, first of all, they don't mention that this "minor" was both taller and heavier than I was. I didn't exactly stop to check him for I.D. when he jumped me.
JH: Secondly, they make it sound like I was out prowling the streets on a Saturday night. I was working that night until one! I had just left the Capsaicin Lounge, and I don't exactly carry a gun to work!
JH: Ellen can verify for you that reporters never even TRIED to get in touch with me to get my side of the story.
JH: And quite frankly, even if I had said any of this shit - which I didn't - I think I'm entitled to let fly with a couple of n-words after I get shot at!
JH (rolling up his sleeve): Would you like to see? Would you like to see where I was shot with a bullet from a goddamn gun?
WW: I think I'm good, thanks.