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This is where Jamie and I differ - I tend to prefer games slanted more towards choice than chance. But then, I suppose, I have more confidence in my abilities than Jamie does, and I tend not to get too emotionally attached when I lose.

Also, for those of you curious about such things, I will mention that the floor in Ellen and Jamie's apartment (which is the same carpet in Max's apartment) is carpeted, but it's a very flat, office-building sort of carpet that's solid enough to roll dice on. Just soft enough to be tough to clean, but hard enough to be completely uncomfortable.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB: Okay, so that d6 is dead... and I can make a d12. Is that right?
JH: Sure, that works. Now I have to roll my handful.
(Jamie shakes large double handful of dice)
EB: Gotta say, there isn't much strategy to this game.
JH: Well, granted, the impact of choice versus the impact of chance is tilted pretty heavily in favour of the latter, but you're still making decisions. You could have made that last roll into a d4 and a d8, for example.
JH: Every game is going to be somewhere on the spectrum of choice to chance, chess at one end, snakes and ladders at the other. I personally like games with a little bit of chance to them, it throws something unexpected into the mix besides a clash of two intellects.
EB: So that your mind has to cope with fresh challenges your opponent couldn't devise?
JH: So that when I lose, I can blame something other than my opponent being smarter than me.