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I am firmly of the opinion that, when a player in some game complains about another player's "cheap move" (i.e., camping in a first person shooter, or continually blocking in a 2D fighter), that the problem lies with the game design and not with the player. If I can beat you simply by holding down the crouch button, why wouldn't I?

And yes, I'm aware that "anthropomorphization" isn't normally considered a gendered term, but the Greek root word is "anthropos", which means "man".


I have been chastised, and am chastened. Evidently, the word "anthropos" means "human" with no gender implied, and I was thinking of the word "andros", which means "man". Furthermore, regardless of etymology, "anthropomorphization" refers to giving something human characteristics, sans penile connotation.

My bad.

I'm leaving the strip as is, though. It can be Jamie's mistake, not mine.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB: If Lily were here, she'd raise holy hell about you equating defeat with emasculation. Success at an endeavour is inherently masculine?
JH: A poor choice of words. I can only handle being mocked by the universe so many times, perhaps.
JH: While we're nitpicking each other's word choices, I'm curious about why you felt that highly improbable roll was "cheap".
EB: Well, it was just luck, right?
JH: We'd established that this game was mostly chance anyway. That's the whole point.
EB: Yeah, but there's luck, and there's rolls that cause your opponents to attribute flaw and/or malice to the structure of the cosmos itself.
JH: What would be the gender-neutral term for "anthropomorphization"? I want to say "personification", but that's already a word and it's the wrong one.
EB: Well, given that we're talking about flaw and malice, I think Lily would be okay with "anthropomorphization"...