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Yes, Max has so many cats in her apartment that they have a dedicated "kitty room", a room for litter boxes, food dispensers, scratching posts and assorted cat toys. It's the room that would correspond, on the floorplan, to Jamie's room in Jamie and Ellen's place.

The cats are all pretty much overflow from the shelter where she works. Currently she has, in no particular order; Pearl, Ember, Captain Happy Face, Sweetpea, Yorick, Ink, and Dog.

Also, note that while Jamie and Ellen's place is shoes-on, Max's place is shoes-off.


(Tuesday morning, INT: entering MH's apartment, EB has her phone out.)

ringtone (faint): When the pimp's in the crib, ma, cram a scorpion up your urethra!
MH: Okay, I think that's coming from the kitty room.
JH: What the hell is that ringtone? Is that your voice, Ellen?
ringtone (faint): When the pigs try to get at you, shove a red hot poker through your goddamn gut!
MH(excited): You didn't tell him? You didn't tell him this yet?
EB: It... hadn't come up yet.
JH: Tell me what?
ringtone (faint): When a nigga get an attitude, shit directly into your living brain!
MH: Ellen is Answering Machine Bitch!
EB: It's true. I... I am Answering Machine Bitch.
ringtone (faint): I got pustules on my arm and I'm pouring boiling acid and I roll the best shit 'cause I got it going on.
JH: Who or what is "Answering Machine Bitch"?
MH: Ellen is, Jamie.
MH: We just covered this.
MH: Try to keep up.