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It's an interesting question, I think - if something is against your friend's moral system but not your own, are you obligated to warn them if they are unknowingly sinning? Would you mention to your Jewish friend, after the fact, that the hot dog you watched him eat was pork instead of beef, if you knew it would serve no purpose other than to make him feel bad about himself?

As utilitarian as it sounds, I think witholding that information reflects a sort of arrogance - your friend is subject to his own peculiar superstitions, but you can manage the content of the little fantasy he inhabits for his own good. Certainly, I think any of us would wish to be informed of our inadvertent transgression, regardless of the practicality of it.


(Tuesday morning, INT: MH's apartment)

MH: Ellen - you thought I was drinking horse abortion piss all this time, and you didn't want me to find out?
EB: ...yes.
MH: So what, you'd be okay with serving me soup that had beef broth in it?
EB: Well, no, I wouldn't serve it to you, but if I found out you had already eaten some, I wouldn't tell you after the fact. It'd serve no purpose, other than to make you feel bad.
MH: And how would you feel if you ate some meat, and I didn't tell you that it was actually human flesh because I didn't want you to feel like a cannibal?
EB: Well, if I didn't find out, I guess I wouldn't feel anything.
MH: If you found out afterwards.
EB: I guess I'd be grateful to you.
(silent panel, MH staring at EB)
MH: Well, okay, as long as your ethics are consistent...