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There are always exceptions to the stereotypes, but it's obvious to any student of human nature that different stages of life bring with them different priorities and different modes of thought. I have always accepted the fact that the person I will become ten years from now will be profoundly different from whoever I am today. I've been doing tech support for years now, though, and I must confess it's caused me to contract a certain amount of gerontophobia. Nothing scares me quite like the prospect of no longer being able to learn. That particular milestone is one I'd like to avoid.

I'm interested in the intersection between body and mind, the ways in which our seemingly so rational brain is affected, both naturally and unnaturally, by the condition of our body. I do like the idea of an entirely disembodied mind - an adult consciousness that springs into being ex nihilo and can tackle topics with absolute detachment. I suppose that's why I like the narrative trope of the amnesiac in media res protagonist so much. It can be cheesy, but it's a classic for a reason.


(Tuesday morning, INT: MH's apartment)

EB: I can't believe I didn't know my best friend had had major surgery!
MH: Well, yeah, I distinctly remember at the time I was going to mention it, and you told me you didn't want to hear about what I was doing with my reproductive organs.
EB: Probably because I thought you were going to brag about having sex with someone.
MH: I do tend to do that, don't I?
JH: The tendency has been exhibited, yes.
EB: But surgery, though... it's so final.
MH: It is reversible, actually.
JH: Yeah, but not easily. How do you know you won't want to have kids later in life?
MH: Oh, I'm sure some time around thirty-five my so-called biological clock will kick in and I'll go baby crazy. That's just biology. Probably around the same time my politics start getting more conservative and I lose all respect for anyone under eighteen.
JH: What, you didn't already get the standard package when you graduated high school?