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When it comes to white people using ethnic slurs (when hanging out with other white people), we generally fall into one of four groups.

The first group avoids any and all use of such terms with a superstitious fervour, as though the act of inadvertently pronouncing the syllables would taint their tongues and minds irreparably.

The second group would never think of using the terms as actual slurs, but doesn't place any sort of significance on the act of talking about them, and would be okay with quoting someone else using the term (as long as it was clear that that was what they were doing).

The third group uses them as slurs, but indiscriminately, referring to anyone of any race with slurs intended for any other race. These people are, largely, trolls.

The fourth group actually uses the slurs for their intended purpose without self-consciousness or irony. These are your actual racists, and they are terrible people. Avoid them.

It should be noted that although Jamie has somehow never heard the song in question, he is, inexplicably, correct. There is a version of "Gold Digger" that actually features the n-word, but the "broke broke" version is the only one anyone ever actually plays (and, if you ask me, sounds better).


(Tuesday, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB: I'm telling you, that IS the real version. I've never heard it any other way.
JH: And I'm telling you, "digger" doesn't rhyme with "broke broke". It's doesn't even make sense, it's two adjectives!
EB: Well, your version wouldn't make sense musically. You're adding an extra syllable!
JH: You can just speed it up. "I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger / she ain't messing with no broke ba-bum."
EB: "Ba-bum"?
JH: I'm not saying it! You say it.
EB: Jamie, black people do not have our apartment bugged.
JH: I can't afford to take that chance!